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Full setup FOR SALE

Just started this Fluval Spec V a few months ago, but the fun of building it is over and I've decided to sell it.

What you get:
Fluval Spec V, about 2 months old. Fully cycled - seeded from the filter media in my main tank

- Eco Complete
- 50 watt Hydor heater
- purigen pillow
- digital timer for light
- Mopani driftwood (2)
- Custom base and hood as shown in this thread:
Still have the stock light arm and plastic lid, and the box if you want it.

planted with:
- 3 types of crypt, Undulata, Wendtii green & red
- 4 Aunbias (attached to the driftwood)
- moss (xmass I think, NOT java. Also attached to the driftwood)
- small patch of fissidens on the driftwood

- 2 tiny Dwarf Puffers :)
- snails (to feed the puffers, some ramshorn, pond and MTS)
- Ghost shrimp

Pickup only - Cecil County MD. Accessible from Northern DE and Southeast PA.

Quite a bit invested as you can see, all yours for $100.

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