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I'm trying to set up an easy, low-tech spec III shrimp tank for my son's preschool.

I added about 2ppm ammonia about 10d ago, and put some filter sponge from another tank on top of the filter, but - while I now have nitrite and nitrate, the ammonia is still 1ppm. Should I do a water change...? Just keep waiting...?

Plants are subwassertang, Java moss, Anubias. All water column feeders. How much and how often should I fertilize? Have Flourish and dry ferts. I plan to drop blanched veggie in the tank one day a week and pull it out the next day, so it won't have fish food inputs.

Right now, the plants I have in there are covered w algae, so once the tank cycles, I imagine I might need to add new ones and clean them up a bit before adding shrimp.

Any spec III experience and suggestions???

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