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Recently I set up a breeding tank for a pair of Kribensis cichlids. I introduced the pair to the tank about 5 days ago. Right away they coloured up, made their home in one of the caves, and last night they laid eggs.

This morning, though, I saw that the male was hiding under the sponge filter in the opposite corner of the tank. At first I thought maybe the female was giving him a hard time, but I've been watching them and that doesn't seem to be the problem. The female actually comes out of the cave occasionally, swims up to him and tries to lead him back to the cave. Sometimes he follows her back into the cave, but then 10 minutes later he swims out of the cave and hides again. What's going on with him?

I've checked the water, everything seems to be normal. There are no visible signs of illness on the male. There are still eggs in the cave, and it looks like the female is doing a good job of fanning/guarding them. There are no other fish in the tank.

Any advice is appreciated; I'm new to Krib breeding.
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