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Sparkling Gourami Tankmates

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Hi, currently working on a 10 gallon planted tank, which I think is coming along nicely. Right now it has some guppy fry and 2 zebra nerite snails, but the fry will be getting a new home soon.

I'm planning on getting 3 sparkling/pygmy gouramis from my LFS that I've had my eye on. Any ideas for good tankmates? I have to factor in the tank size, schooling needs, and all that, so any suggestions are welcome!

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Buy more than 3 sparkling gourami's, if you can! They are much more comfortable in groups and will cuddle up together under leaves and among driftwood. They are awesome!

I'd go with micro rasboras - Boraras spp. are very cool, stay .5", and won't bother a thing. Be careful, because they are known to jump (seems like half of the reviews out there say they do, half say they don't, but mine do).

You could do a decent school of, say, Chili Rasboras (20-25?) in a 10 gallon with a group of 3-6 gouramis and not worry about bioload or space, assuming you have lots of plant cover.

Whatever you do, I'd stick with rasboras, as they are also from Asia. Tetras might be a little too active for the gourami's, and you won't see them because they'll hide.
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