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Sparkling Gourami Tankmates

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Hi, currently working on a 10 gallon planted tank, which I think is coming along nicely. Right now it has some guppy fry and 2 zebra nerite snails, but the fry will be getting a new home soon.

I'm planning on getting 3 sparkling/pygmy gouramis from my LFS that I've had my eye on. Any ideas for good tankmates? I have to factor in the tank size, schooling needs, and all that, so any suggestions are welcome!

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A species of similar size, which will be difficult to find.

A species which thrives in similar water conditions, i.e. temperature: 22 – 28 °C with pH: 5.0 – 7.5 (your snails will not like that acidic water) and stagnant or very slow moving water. Again, difficult to find. The only other species that come to mind would be other small Anabantoids. And then you risk inter-species aggression.

Also, if those 3 are mixed sexes you also risk intra-species aggression, especially if you acquire a reverse trio.

Trichopsis pumila do best in a species tank, not in a community tank. (Actually most species do, but especially Anabantoids.) This link Trichopsis pumila ? Sparkling Gourami (Ctenops pumilus, Trichopsis pumilus var. siamensis) ? Seriously Fish lists 9 species which are sympatric with T. pumila, but in a 10g tank the only compatible ones would be the 2 small loach species: Lepidocephalichthys hasselti and Pangio anguillaris.

If you want to hear them making the "croaking" sounds that they are so well known for you need to provide a certain level of comfort, and more often than not that entails keeping them alone.

A 10g is a good size for a pair. You needn't separate parents from their fry and after a few months you could return to that LFS with F1's to sell/swap.

Good luck and have fun. They're a cool fish. Very underrated.
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