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Sparkle eye white cloud mountain

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Does anyone know of this fish?availability,price and a profile. cornhusker
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I do, and I covet this fish.

It's either in his nano fish or in his blue-eyed new guinea selection.

Tell him Lori from Petfish sent ya! ;)
keep in mind most of the time when the males are not displaying, it looks like a pretty ordinary fish.
You might also try
?? IMHO, if a person wants to know about a fish, might as well tell him everything, especially behavior and appearance-related experiences

That said, the fish does look spectacular
How is this different from a regular white cloud?
Do these fish school as well as regular white clouds? The pictures I've seen of displaying males have been very nice.
I got lucky and bought 8 of them for $10 at an auction. There's a Tropical Fish Hobbyist issue with these guys on the cover and a really great article. Basically they are prolific breeders and easy schoolers, just like regular white clouds, but they come from a bit closer to the equator so they like it warmer (white clouds are comfy around 72, sparkles gems do better around 78).

They are delightful, absolutely wonderful fish. They are interesting and colorful, even when not displaying, and they have beautiful fins. I especially like the blue in their eyes when the lights are out, reflecting back into the room. Reminds me almost of emerald-eye rasboras in that respect.
sparkle eye white cloud

Jen,i've been interested in this beautiful fish for some time now.could you tell me what issue of TFH the artical about these fish are in.i was able to purchase five galaxy danio's ,another new and beautiful fish a few months ago,they have just begun spawning.a neet little fish. cornhusker:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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