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Southeast michigan aquarium sale

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Hi folks!
I am prepping to move across country and need to sell my equipment. Currently residing in Port Huron but moving to California.

CO2 paintball setup (new dual gauge regulator, paintball adapter, new 20z paintball tank, atomic diffuser) selling all for $75
Eheim 2213 canister filter (used for several years. missing intake/outflo pieces, shows wear and tear- will be cleaned and emptied) $25

Fish- small amount of fish to sell (4 pristella tetras, 2 neons, 1 ember tetra, 1 sparkling gourami, 4 black bar endlers) $20 for all
Plants- 2 small Blyxa Japonica, mixed moss, small clump of needle leaf java, large amount of dwarf hairgrass, hydrocotyle japan, rotala (unknown), water lettuce and duckweed. $25

Local Pickup preferred (will meet halfway if reasonable). Shipping possible if buyer pays.
PM for photos or questions.

Thanks for looking!


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Where would you be willing to meet for someone out of novi

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Hey sorry niceguy, didn't see your post until today.

Everything has sold unfortunately, thanks for looking everyone!
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