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South Jersey LFS

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Aquarium Center on Blackwood-Clemention Rd in Clementon is a nice LFS. Haven't stumbled into a nicer on in S NJ. Somethimes their listing shows as Lindenwold instead of Clementon.
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Yes very nice, I always go there. Some of the younger workers don't really know to much, but most are extremely knowledgable.
Aquarium Center on Blackwood-Clemention Rd in Clementon is a nice LFS. Haven't stumbled into a nicer on in S NJ. Somethimes their listing shows as Lindenwold instead of Clementon.
I wouldnt put there fish in my tank if they paid me to take them. There stores were always eye candy nothing more. There workers dont have a clue wtf there doing or about anything in the store.

You ever get time and wanna see a real fish store take a hour or so drive north to thatfishplace you will see a quality store. Its not just eye candy they have a huge place they have a huge pond/salt water tank (maybe 20'x40') you can feed the fish and pet them and they know what there doing there as well.

Also if your in SJ and want healthy fish I am not sure if hes still there but it was called j&b fish it was on the black horse pike. It was a old guy and his family and he could get you anything you wanted and it was by far the healthiest I have seen anywhere.
I want to make a trip one day to thatfishplace so bad heard so much about it. I have no idea on the j&b store I wil have to check it out and see.

Another good store in Levittown Pa is The Hidden Reef, amazing.
yeah I didnt know about thatfishplace until I moved from Sicklerville to up by there and happy im close by now. The Hidden Reef is real nice as well. J&B in south jersey is like a grandmom/grandpop place he wont rip you off and stands behind everything he sells. there was not many places down by there except him who sold quality fish. I would never shop at bills wonderland..
Aquarium Center is one of my fav. places to get fish, alway have some really neat stuff in. You want someone who knows thier stuff to talk to ask for Annie. I have know her for over 10 years and worked with her awhile back. Right now they are having a problem with a know-it-all "manager", but I belive that is getting cleared up. I like the Hidden Reef and it is much closer to me but they never have anything different in. Gets very boring very fast.
anyone know if that fishplace is still open in NJ? Address? can't find anything on them, just references to Lancaster, PA.

I never knew that there was one. I've always wanted to get to the Lancaster one, but haven't wanted to drive. Anyone know of a society/club in south NJ?

That pet/fish place Lancaster PA

This Place is worth the trip. Was there over this past weekend. Talked to an employee for almost an hour about doing a large planted tank. Just picked his brain. The store was very busy and he did not rush me or hurry me in any way. Everyone one in the store is very knowledgable about the department they work in ie. fish dog cats reptiles...... Big selection of fish and equipment. Any questions email them or call them.

Tried a few more LFS in S. Jersey, SE PA. Aquarium Center in Clementon is holding up as best for Planted tanks. Nothing close. For fish it is also the best so far, good variety, fish are healthy and the staff won't sell you anything they aren't sure are ready. Even a "wall" of tanks with various plants, snails and shrimp.

Won't mention the other stores that I've visited by name, but this one still rules. Even better than the Hidden Reef in Levittown, PA. That store is huge, but content is disappointing and they are really much stronger in Saltwater, Freshwater is actually weak.

Anyway, still think there's room for improvement, but no question that Aquarium Center is the best in the area for freshwater/planted aquariums.
I agree, Aquarium Center is easily the best I've seen. Best selection of fish, plants and equipment. Me and my daughter visit regularly, and I always get good service there. They know what they're talking about, they ask if I need help, and then don't bother me if I say I'm just looking.

J&B is not bad. Not nearly as many plants. And it feels old, and dark... maybe it's just me.

My PetSmart is still selling Mondo Grass. sigh...
Aquabarren, I gotta get you to come up to the shop i manage one of these days. :)
i like JB Tropical fish in williamstown on the black horse pike

kind of a small place but they have great prices and will order anything he doesnt have in store,
also a really nice guy that knows his stuff
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