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South American "Biotope" 55G

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Hey guys just thought id share my recently established tank, kicking myself i didn't take progress photos but i suppose this is a start

2x Geophagus Tapajos "Red Head"
6x Julii Cory
24x Glowlight Tetra

1x Ehiem 2217 Filter
1x Hydor ETH 200w
1x Aquazonic 4ft LED

New Life Spectrum: Grow
New Life Spectrum: Cichlid

Fine Playsand Substrate
River Rock
Golden Vine Driftwood

Jungle Val

25/1/14 - Tank and stand purchased
27/1/14 - Tank scaped and filled
07/2/14 - All fish added
14/2/14 - Jungle Val Added + Duck weed
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Willing to take any advice in regards to the tank. Still not quite happy with the scape.
I think im going to find some leaf litter and boil it to add to the bottom of the tank.
also thinking of adding 3 more Tapajos, opinions?

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Leaf litter would make it look a little more full. However, it is a PITA to clean up. When I had my 90 gallon blackwater tank set up, I covered the bottom with Indian almond leaves and everything looked great. Until the leaves started to break down. Stuff got into the sand that I couldn't ever get all of it up, it kept clogging my python, and the sand ended up looking stained brown/black in some areas. Whenever I would stir up the sand to loosen up the leave mulm from the sand to clean it, I could never get all of it out of the water column (had an external sump with a filter sock to catch stuff), so it would settle back down and make the substrate look crappy again.

I think it would look kinda cool if some java fern or anubias was placed on the driftwood in a couple spots. But then again, I don't know if your geos will eat them.

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@jhays79 - Cheers bro :D
@Qwe - Thanks man, yeah at first there was no vals just the duckweed but i couldn't stand the lack of green (Sorry mr Biotope) any other options for increasing stock? possible some Rams?
@ngrubich - Thanks for the input, ive read the exact same thing over and over "dont do it" lol its so tempting to though looks so nice, was thinking java or anubias but yes the geos do like to much on the greens :D

Also Side shot

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