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Source for air pump diaphragms?

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Looking for source of air pump diaphragms. I have some brands that I bought separate and some that came with tanks. One model I have is Elite801. Another brand I have is Lung, probably Chinese. Another brand is AirTech I think (came with a mini sponge filter with carbon on top).

I cannot find these in any pet store. So I guess I have to order them online.
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You may want to post modem numbers.. I have an Air Pump kit that came with some other stuff I purchased that I cannot use. All it says is "Fits Models AW700 and AW1000". Says you need 2 kits for 700 and 4 for 1000, but if you need this one, you can have it!

Post the model numbers and I am sure someone here can find them :)

Just PM me if you need the one I have.
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