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"Son's" 30g planted tank

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Told my gf i was going to set up a small tank for our son. Had a biocube 29 sitting around so i figured i would try my hand at a planted tank for him. Well for me but i have to stay in the habit of saying for him.
Purchases go easier when i say its for him lol.
Im going to try to log the progress as i go along
So far just cycling
Couple peices of drift wood. (Little to big for the tank. But i have a 210g ill be setting up starting next year.)
Ill be running leds for lighting.
Ill be dosing ferts but no Co2
And running a ferted substrate.

Today being 10/2. I have new light and pump cpming in 10/3. And plants ordered online. Coming in 10/4. Might get a couple fish depending on levels

Not my first tank. Use to have a 55g discus tank prior to my 3yo son


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Looks like a promising start, and "for the children" is a time-honored way of getting significant-other approval for a new tank. ;)
it looks dramatic with the lighting and wood
Plants were mail ordered. No other reason.
So an update. I know im going a little fast with the set up but. Water changes arent an issue for me.

So my marineland plant light came in. ( went with marineland bc it came in a 18 inch. The finnex did not.)

New pump also. Which moves the water much better.

Plants came in on time. Got a little over zealous with the order. Might have to pull a couple things out. Looking a little cluttered to me. But the gf and son seem to love it.

Bought some small fish also. The water readings seamed okay to add stuff so i went and did so. My no2 creeping up a little but nothing a decent water change wont fix

I told myseld i wasnt going to due any co2. BUT. Depending on plant growth it may persuade me to do a small diy setup. Ill see in a week or so. Ill be dosing flourish/flourish excel in the mean time.


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Pics from each side. Since it its a cube.


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Very nice start!
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