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Sons 12 gallon - overgrown

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This is my sons 12 gallon nano cube. The plants have really taken off. Thought I'd show a before trim picture. It's a jungle in there. He's only three, so I'm the care taker of it, but all the kids love it. It's pretty low maintence.

His room has a kind of tropical/tiki themed room with organic green walls and leaf murals and bamboo accents. So this green box looks great in there.

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Very nice! Lucky kid. :) Get 'em started young!
Looks really nice, can you give us some specs of it? Plant list, dosing regimes?
Very nice looking tank. I would also like to hear the specifications.
the tank looks awesome!! details please :D
danio choprae! i've never seen anyone else with them. awesome fish. you can see mine in the nano section under 'my 2.5 nano build up'
Looks very good. Can't really tell, but does the tank contains only plants and fish? Are there any rocks or wood?
Thanks for the nice responses.

Lighting: 2x24 watts compact flour. One bulb is 5700k and one is 10,000k bulbs.
Red Sea Co2 with a little glass nano diffuser(use red star champagne yeast - much betta than the bakers yeast)
Substrate: Flourite

Background Plants are:
Rotala Indica
Hemianthus micranthemoides (from jentheplantgeek, thanks)
Middle foreground:
Microsorum pteropus tropica
Cryptocoryne bronze wendtii
Hottonia Palustris

Can't see some plants:
Hair Grass
Red tiger lotus

8-10 Danio Choprai
1 - Rainbow furcata
2 Glowlight Tetras
5 Amano Shrimp
4 Cherry Shrimp

I do have some wood that the java ferns are attached too. These are pretty plain pieces I picked up from a local creek and attached slate too. Still looking for a more decorative piece of wood with some curves.

Change 50% water every couple weeks.

Very light ferts. I dose a little on water changes. Maybe 1/4 teaspoon of KNO3 and 1/16th teaspoon of KH2PO4. Don't have any traces that I add.

It's been setup for about four months. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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You're one of the only other people I've known to keep Danio Choprai - I have 5 in my 110 and I love them! I've never seen a more hyperactive fish, they are constantly zooming around. Impossible to photograph!

Your nano tank is lovely, and your son is lucky to have it in his bedroom!
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