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Something wrong with my plant

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Hello. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with my plant? :(

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the bottom leaves are dead.
lol funny responds jus pull them off and leave them
the bottom leaves are dead.
Oh. Okay. Thanks. I've never had plants in my aquarium before.
CO2 deficiency maybe
specs might be able to help others answer your question. I on the other hand have no idea about defficiencies. Specs as in watts, gallons, ferts if any, co2 if any, soil, etc. What that plant may be might also help.

For future reference that is if the question is already answered.
That plant looks suspiciously like a terrestrial plant to me. But, I'm no expert on plant identification.
That plant looks suspiciously like a terrestrial plant to me.
You took the words right out of my mouth.

It doesn't appear to be a true aquatic plant to me as well.

I think that is the root of the problem! :icon_wink

Just to remove the doubt it's not a true aquatic. I believe the family name is draecana sanderia. It is part of the same family of "lucky" bamboo. For a minute I thought there was a spider web on it.
Whats a true plant compared to a non true plant?
And what makes it non true?
true AQUATIC. meaning it's able to live underwater ALL THE TIME. non-aquatic plants can NOT live under water.
Yes, and sometimes the stores will sell bog plants, which live under water seasonally. Some plants are able to live both in and out of water. These plants have both emergent and immersed states. The plants will, most of the time, have two different leaf structures for each environment. Some of these plants are amazon swords, anubias, HC, wisteria, pennywort, and probably a few others. When being submersed for the first time after being grown emersed, some plants leaves have a period when the die back in order to adapt to the environment. Sword plants are notorious for this, because it is easier to grow the plants emerged. Thus most plant distributers grow them that way, and when you try to grow it in your aquarium it starts to die back and then produce new leaves.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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