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I've used a bunch of Hong Kong diffusers over time, and they're generally hit-or-miss. I've come to the conclusion that bigger is generally better, but that's all I ever have to go on when I buy one (or several).

I was frustrated with one of my diffusers giving off large bubbles that went directly to the surface. I noticed that they generally came from the outer rim of the ceramic, so my guess was that it was a crappy seal against the glass. So, during weekly maintenance yesterday, I pulled the diffuser and ran a ring of superglue (two applications, actually) around the edge of the ceramic disc (I dried out the diffuser first, and waited 24h before submerging). My thinking was that the pores around the outside, for whatever reason, were larger than those in the middle, and the CO2 was understandably taking the easy way out.

I just finished up re-installing the CO2 system (long-overdue maintenance on that, as well) with the new-and-improved crappy diffuser. Lo and behold, the superglue seal, so far, is holding, and much smaller bubbles are being forced through the middle of the disc. While it's a bit early to be patting myself on the back, I wanted to share. It's an easy, cheap potential solution to an obnoxious problem.
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