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Something is messed up

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My 10gallon tank has been going for over 6 months now but for some reason the algae is going out of control. From what I have read it is hair algae. Its on everything, plants, rock, tree house and it climbed all the way up on my Lilys to the leafs. Only thing that has changed is our climate in the Central California Valley that I can think of. My heater is now running steady as before it was hardly ever on. I have two Walmart Compacts from the aquarium section, which are 10watts I believe. I change 25% water weekly and add liquid plant food. I do not have CO2. I have had this happen a couple of times before and it was because my GF left the blinds closed in the room for the day and algae just spread like crazy and I couldnt figure out why til the second time it happened. Im not sure if I have my lights running to long as they are going to 11 hours but last week I brought it down to 10 hours per day and it seems to be getting worse than before. Im lost, can anybody assist me with this matter?
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Sorry for the long rant, just wanted to make sure I gave all the info I hope I need.
Algae is caused by more light, not less. It's possible that the lighting you have, plus the indirect sunlight, is too much for the tank (as in, you don't have CO2, so there's a finite limit to how much light the tank can have before algae starts growing). Possibly the sun shifting through the year is now causing it to shine more directly on your tank? I'd reduce the lighting to 8 hours or so, and maybe try dosing with Flourish Excel (which is theoretically CO2 in liquid form - though really it's a poor substitute).

Getting rid of algae is one issue (check the algae forum for the excel thread). Keeping it from returning is a completely different issue.
Ok thats what I was going for by trying to reduce the light, but it seemed like it spread even faster. Now to me with the time change seems that there is also less sun and reason is as well when we left the blinds closed it spread even faster than before. I will knock it down to 8 hours and go from there. Is there a way to remove algae from the plants without hurting them or taking them out of the water?
Again, check the algae forum for the excel thread. it's a sticky.

What i was thinking about with the sun is that it goes across the sky, east to west, in an arc. During winter months, that arc is more southerly. Depending on someone's latitude, they might have a south (or north) wall that received zero sun for 6 months, and 100% sun for 6 months (during daylight hours, anyway).

This might have nothing to do with your issue. But it's a thought.
excel is actually just a different source of carbon, and it eliminates algae because it is a type of poison that is highly diluded
Well I went to petsmart today and they had the Hagen Co2 system for 17.49. It was mismarked but they honored the price since the tag had never been updated. I know the packets are kind or pricey but I was just going to use the canister and make my own. The packets that it come with have a activator and stabilizer. The activator is yeast but I was trying to figure out what the stabilizer is. Is there anything else I should know?
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