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Something happening to my anubias

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I hav had 1/3 of my leaves die off. It starts with a weak brown spot right under the junction between the leaf and stem. I have been trimming them off when this happens and then yesterday I saw some white fluffy substance near the roots. Initially I thought that it was just damage from transport as it is a new addition to the tank. but now three weeks later i find 2 more leaves with the same problem. There is new root growth so IDK what to think.
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Has there been a increase in temp as much as 4+ deg to the tank or are has your lights increase
I am just setting up the tank for the first time. temp is around 80F lights are high lighting. heavy initial planting. I measured my NO3 since my first post it was about 20ppm so i did a small water change that lowered it to about 15 I will do this again a couple times till I am around 10. I also noticed the white stuff was also growing on my DIY CO2 diffuser right where the CO2 escapes the tubing. Any ideas? I keep close track of my water chemistry so if you need to know anything ele let me know.
If its at the joint its usually damage that took awhile to show. If its at the growth end of the rhizome its plant shock.if its at the back end its difficency
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