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Hello all! Can someone tell me what’s up with my water spangles? I started with six little spangles about 3 weeks ago and they have been VERY prolific, so much so that they’re covering my tank surface now and I have to kill some of them off. I noticed this as

Half of them are all bright green, half of them have this dark color on the underside and edges. What is this? Deficiency? Algae? I’m confused as to why only some plants look like this, and there are no half and halfs either. A plant is either completely normal or completely darkened. Also you can see that a leaf on the dark plant is in the process of blackening.

All of my other plants seem very healthy and like I said they’ve been propagating like crazy! I use fluval stratum, a nicrew light 10 hours a day, and I haven’t dosed yet.
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