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Some shots of my city surroundings... Mogi das Cruzes - São Paulo - Brazil

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Last friday I met a friend and we went to some lakes around the city and we took some shots...

My friend looking for eleocharis parvula at Max Feffer Park

utricularia giba flower

one opilione we found on a trail

Taiaçupeba reservatory station

Some plants we found there, pistias, oldenlandia salzmannii and some type of hydrocotyles...


Oldenlandia Salzmannii field

My foot all covered in mud! :hihi: :hihi:

And the great view of the taiaçupeba reservatory at dusk.

I hope you all like it as I liked!
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Thanks for sharing your surroundings. BEAUTIFUL surroundings!
I can't see anything.....I will take a look once I am home.
well, no one liked it?!?
I think I'd posted this on the wrong area so... :icon_roll :( :icon_cry:
Beautiful!!! I love the flower and the look of the sunset.

As fotos são belas:thumbsup: :)
Awesome pics!!!! Did you do some dip neting??????
No I did'nt dip net anything that day, but in that place we can find some poecilia vivipara, hyphessobrycon eques, hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis, geophagus brasiliensis, hemigrammus rodwayi, piaractus mesopotamicus and some invasive Tilapia nilotica... :)icon_conf)
I didn't find killis on that place...
Near that place ther is a river that we can find some corydoras aeneus and Macrobachium sp.
I didn't find any conures that day, I have a pic from a bird but it's in my home...
Tonight I post the bird pic!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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