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some questions about 10 G tank...

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well, i have this 10 G tank, where i have some Harlequin rasboras.

I have been treating them for a few weeks against columnaris aka mouth fungus.

I am sure i killed the beneficial bacteria with the antibiotics i have been dosing.

And well, next week i head back home for the holydays, until January the 10th.

I have 2 other tanks a 68 gallon tank and a 22 gallon tank, which my cousin will take care of, meaning, feeding fish, but that's it.

However, i would like to take the 10 g tank with me back home, with the Harlequins, to keep up with the water changes.

What do you guys think? Bad idea?

Thank you!
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Are you traveling from south america to the US?
Either way,If you are going to take your fish then I would follow the same procedure as shipping fish (kordon breather bags, bag buddies,etc), however I would leave the tank and take the equipment and supplies (filter, heater,etc). you can buy a 10 gallon pretty cheap, walmart sells them for $12
Nope, I live in Valencia, Venezuela. Will spend the holydays near Maracaibo, Venezuela, which is 6 hours away by car...although the fish would spend a good 8 hours in bags...

I also have cardinal tetras in there...

These Harlequins were horribly expensive, about 6 dollars each. My plan is that when they're bigger, move them to the 68 gallon asian tank, Which has 12 obnoxious tiger barbs. They are still pretty small. The biggest one doesn't even reach 1" in length..

Thanks for the advice, Austin! :)
ohh ok that makes sense now :hihi: in that case, I have traveled 3 hours before with fish in a bucket with an air pump! it worked out fine, just make sure you have a lid of some sort.good luck!
well, i planned to transport the fish in regular fish bags...but taking the tank with me. With the whole shebang, air pump, filter, plants and light.

I sure will feel like Lassard from Police Academy who carried his goldfish with him at all times, hahaha
I vote no on the bags. It would be better to get cooler of some sort and a battery powered air pump. they should do fin as long as the temp doesn't get too low. Could add heat packs for that.

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Could you please elaborate why not bags? Maybe bags IN the cooler?

I don't want water splashing in my car, that and i think it would make the fish more stressed...

But what do i know? that's why i am asking advice here :)
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