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Some question for Tonina tank

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Hi, I'm a new member. And for the first question i want to ask something about Tonina tank. I've read some topic about the requirement for growing the Tonina. If I have to use the soft (low kh) & acidic (pH 5.5 - 6.5) water then when i turn on/off the CO2 the pH will fluctuate (I've tried in my tank kh around 2.5 while inject the CO2 and turn the light on, pH = 6.3 and without CO2 & light, pH = 7.3). The question is for the fluctuate pH like this is it effect with my Tonina? If yes how should i fix it?

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Welcome to TPT. You might be the first from Thailand.

I don't think plant care too much about Ph. As long as you supply light, CO2, nutrients, they'll be fine.
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