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I have been in aquariums all my life, but this time I think I shot myself in the foot! I have been planning to do a large planted aquarium for a while, but the opportunity has never presented itself (a.k.a. short on $$$). Well, I got my chance.

I have a 75 gal, 48" long aquarium!

I have Anubis and Amazon swords,(YES, low light plants,) but I want to do a med-high light set up in case I want to branch to more exotic fauna.

These are the rules:
1) DUMB IT DOWN!!! :iamwithst I DO NOT understand fully this plant/light/watt/lumes crap! Still working on knowing stuff!

2) HIGHLY PREFER LEDs! The lower costs of running nicer lights, ect.

3)KEEP IT UNDER $200. Not entirely sure if this is possible but worth a shot.

I can deal with the standard hood that came with the tank but i'd rather not. 8000k full spectrum daylight, 48" , 32watts, 120volt, t8?

I don't think that will work for long.....
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Check the sticky at the top of the lighting forum. The depth of your tank is 20 1/2 inches you'll need to get a a T5HO with two bulbs. Directly on top of your tank you'll have high light, suspended 4 inches above and you'll have medium light.

So search for a 48" T5HO fixture that has at least two lights and you'll be good. Once you find a model you like, make sure you google it and read the reviews first.
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