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Just sit back and relax. Not to read much, only to see (Thats the way I like it).

From home to home; It was my first genuine fish expedition/ habitat study trip-

The first spot we tried was full of lagenandra-

here's one with flower-

close up of flower-

water was this clear and ice cold-

In search of badis badis/ new variants of Channa-

And found this- Blyxa aubertii-

dont know what this was. Looks quite similar to pelia and grows emmeresed-

some kinda orchid-

And here they are; Badis Sp-

Look at their eyes; aplocheilus lineatus-

And here comes Crypt Cognata from "Guhagar" a place at coastal maharashtra; A friend lives here. Photos are his property-

And then- limnophila sessiliflora

And the HOT Favorite of us all,
Hygrophilla Pinnatifida-

Submerged in the rstreams-

On the lands-

when the monsoon starts, the new light green colored leaves look amazing-

and as they grow-

This is the mighty Western Ghats Mountain range which gives birth to the streams in which these plants and fishes live-

While returning back, in Mumbai, at Crawfard Market, LOL-

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Thanks for liking the photos folks.

@sumer: thank you for the post, that is very, very cool. Is this study you're doing part of a school program and/or work? Or was this trip purely pleasure?
Well some of the friends in that group studied Ichthyology. But for me, it was pure pleasure. I took it as a chance to see the fishes in their natural habitat. And yeah, it made me a better and responsible hobbyist :)
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