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I've been keeping Neolamprologus multifasciatus about 7 months now.
I started with a group of 9 in a 20 gallon tank and have since set up another 20 gallon tank to handle the growing population.
I now have a total of 70 or more fry of various sizes, some now young adults.

I use eco complete substrate. Most keepers recommend aragonite sand, but my fish have no problem moving this eco complete around and creating all sorts of little caves and ridges.

I included a few old live rocks to the tank and these guys have created impressive caverns under those rocks and even managed to move several large snail shells underneath the rocks and virtually out of sight now.
It is like an underground city that they created, with many fry now spotted under there.

I used 3 inches of substrate but they have dug it down all the way to the glass in some areas under the rocks, with some ridges measuring close to 5 inches high.
You cannot have too much substrate, lol
I soon gave up on doing gravel vacs. I just let them control the substrate to their hearts' content.

Really cool little fish, but you need lots of acreage for them as they reproduce like crazy.
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