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Hello all!!! So i have some plants i'm looking to get rid of. All of these are grown low tech. Occasional ferts, med-low lighting, and the EVER so rare DIY CO2 treat :D Below is what i have, pics fall in the same order. I.E 1-1 2-2 etc.

1. Brazilian Pennywort (Hydrocotyle leucocephala): $1.00/ 6 nodes 4x available

2. Asian Ambulia (Limnophila sessiliflora): $1.00/rooted stem 8x available

3. Ludwigia Arcuata x repens : $1.00/stem 30x available

4. Hydrocotyle Japan: $1.00/10 nodes 7x available

5. Anchor Moss 3"x3" (a little over 3") stainless steel: $7.00/screen 2x available. If you want both $12

**With the exception of the moss (although they are bigger than 3x3), all stem orders WILL have extras!!

***Pretty standard disclaimer. There may be snails and an EXTREMELY light algae possibility. Shipping will be $6.00 for priority 2 day on all orders. Any problems with any order, just pictures/PM me with the issue and i am more than happy to make things right :D :thumbsup: Mind your weather although finally, it appears this horrid winter is through :bounce: . If your interested in anything PM me, no minimum on anything. You want 1 stem, i'll ship it lol I will entertain any trades for shrimp, anubias, mosses, or bucephalandra species. Thanks for looking all :D


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