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Some kind of worm?

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I noticed in both my tanks a very small red worm like creature crawling around. Could these come with a plant? Are they harmful? Could they be frozen bloodworm that were cryogeneicaly frozen, but unthawd in my tank and escaped my fish's bellys? LOL
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Which is to say, worms and planaria makes a great food for you fish.

If its a shrimp only tank though, they wont hurt the shrimp, but the shrimp wont eat them, and they will build up if you are overfeeding. There are shrimp safe products to get rid of them, but I've never used those and dont know too much about them other then that they exist. Frequent water changes and thorough gravel vacuuming will also cut their numbers. Personally, I just ignore them, and even enjoy them a bit. But thats probably just a holdover from my saltwater days and looking for any moving thing in the live rock.

Also I see you're from Calgary. How did the stampede treat you? I meant to go this year but things got in the way. Facebook photos from friends made it look like I missed out.
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