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Some cool interesting fish for 8 gallon?

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Hello I have a 8 gallon tank that only has plants and some snails in it. Anyone know something cool I could put in it? I dont want to put the usual betta and already have pea puffers in a different tank. Some gobys look really cool but not that active.
I would keep a killifish but dont have a lid and dont want to have to put one on
Anyone with something unique let me know!
Also I have extra love for carnivorous/aggressive omnivores. but yea I know... 8 gallon cant fit anything really carnivorous lol
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Celestial Pearl Danios. You could have 10-12 in there
least killie
dwarf cory
panda guppies
+1 to the panda guppies. Just recently got some and they are awesome, little fish.
Small rasboras are the way to go! In my 7g nano I have a school of rasbora einthovenii and I've seen setups with schools of emerald eyed rasboras - it was wicked. Any of the dwarf species are also great.
Small danios are also a good choice, from CPDs to emeralds, just make sure your water is good for them whether it's high or low ph.
wow so many haha. never seen Pseudomugil gertrudae Aru before. they look awesome but i wouldnt even know how to get some.
Celestial pearl danios look amazing as well. hmmmm Can i really fit that many though? I would imagine i can only put in like 5 fish.
they're really, really small. most are less than an inch.

a group of 10-12 would be great for that tank
Pseudomugil gertrudae Aru are not that easy to get I had been looking around for about a year to get some, and well to get a nice group of them it's not cheap and would need to have them shipped. I just bought some eggs and will be hatching some out, much much cheaper
I thought those blue eye's needed a larger tank like a 20 though?

If you're telling me those guys would work in an 8, then I'm going to have to get some for one of my 5's lol. Are they jumpers?
LFS got celestial pearl danios yesterday. Just picked them up! Not as bright colored as i hoped but think they will look better after destressing from all te moving around. I Will upload a pic when i get home! Got 5 cause didnt have enough money on me to get more haha.
Emerald eye rasboras or pygmy corys.
I'm voting for bumblebee gobies. They are sorta territorial, and the only fish I've ever seen to hold it's own against pea puffers. They aren't that active, but they do move from perch to perch inside the tank. All the other fish mentioned would be murdered within a few weeks by the puffer. I know unfortunately from experience. You're tank is larger then mine was though, and you have more for a better school, so that might help as well.
Currently in 10 gallon with 2 pea puffers. Puffers ambvalent towards the new fish. Try are super shy and hiding in plants. Cant even see them right now. Will post pics tmmrw!
they say for a group of 8 Pseudomugil gertrudae Aru, you need 15 gallons, I tend to push things but over filter and plants galoreI would keep 8 in a 10 gal they really are not all that big and really peaceful
Parasphaerichtys lineatus, the world's smallest anabantoid, could be kept as a group in a tank that size. Elassoma sp. could also work.
wait, you didn't put the CPDs in the same tank as the puffers did you? That will not end well
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