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Solved.. new aquatek reg with paintball adapter making me mad

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Solved..Im not sure what i am doing wrong. I hooked adapter to reg and put new oring on tank. Screw in tank and it leaks between tank and adapter. In trying to screw it in it leaks major. Wasted a 20 oz tank already.

What is the trick. Everytime i unscrew tank oring is all chewed up.

Any advice is welcome. Thank u in advance

I have found that the normal tank orings do not work for everyone. I know one other person posted about using another type of oring. This also worked for me. It took two tries to find the right oring. But once i found worked flawlessly. This leads me to believe that aquatek adapter has a larger tolorance than normal paintball markers.

i will post pics below.


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Did you put the plastic washer in between the tank and adapter?
I think the O ring goes between the regulator and the adapter. The paintball tank should have its own O ring. You might need a wrench to tighten the tank to the adapter.

I'm not sure too as I need to set mine up still, but that's the route I'm taking.
yeah i'm trying to do this now too. washer goes between reg and adapter, o ring goes on tank. put adapter on the reg first then put reg on tank.

as soon as the pin is depressed, tons of co2 comes out and i get too freaked out to tighten it. annoying. apparently this is supposedly normal, but if i'm wrong please don't hesitate to tell me otherwise.
Out of the diffuser? That happened to me too. I don't know about this setup, but with mine I had really carefully adjust the needle valve to get it right.
As far as I know, the O ring on the tank is the one that is usually included with the CO2 tank and not the supplied plastic washer provided by Aquatek....that goes between the adapter and the regulator.

I think you should just push the tank in and screw it in as much as possible and have a wrench ready fast and tighten the unit to the CO2 tank.
Plastic washer is between reg and adapter. Have gone through 5 tank orings and everytime it chews up oring and blows all the co2 out the hole in adapter. No co2 is going through reg. I will post pictures tomorrow still cant figure out how to post pics from mobile cite using phone.

Aweeby i think we are having the same problem.
You need to use combination of 2 wrenches to tighten the adapter and regulator after you insert the white O ring...but not too tight.

perhaps your CO2 tank is not fully tightened to the adapter???? Are you just hand tightning it? I think you need to wrench it in tight as well before the gas detoriates the tank O ring.
i use an additional o ring in between tank and reg. everything works great
Problem is not between reg and adapter. It is between tank and adapter. I have tighted it all the way more than a few times. It never stops leaking. Once unscrewed oring is chewed up. To be clear co2 leaks out the side hole in adapter not between adapter and reg. Is there a lube people use on these orings?
my bad i meant to say in between tank and adapter.
I had this problem too, the paintball bottle's o-ring is too small.

I went to a home improvement store and they had different sized o-rings in the plumbing section, I used a #11 I think, it didn't work right away but after a few tries and greasing it up, it held air and has been holding for a month or so now no problem.
I had this problem too, the paintball bottle's o-ring is too small.

I went to a home improvement store and they had different sized o-rings in the plumbing section, I used a #11 I think, it didn't work right away but after a few tries and greasing it up, it held air and has been holding for a month or so now no problem.
Thank u i will have to try that. Anything special u used for greasing it up?
Are those O rings the same white ones or are they more thinner black rubber like ones?
Sounds like there is a burr or something in your adapter that's chewing up the o-ring. If that is the case, using a larger or thicker o-ring is not going to solve your problem. Take a look inside the adapter in the area where the o-ring is supposed to seat. See anything sharp or out of place in there?
Here's my exact setup:

1. Plastic washer and Teflon tape to connect adapter to reg. Tightened fully with wrench.

2. Paintball o-ring from local paintball shop on paintball tank. Screw the bottle in and tightened with wrench.

The problem is most likely bad o rings or knicked threads. The seal isn't beingade properly. Where's you get the bottle? My paintball shop sells them for 20 bucks with free filling. Could just be a defective bottle all together
This is a quote from Aquatek: I guess an O-ring isn't necessary required between the tank and the adapter.

Teflon tape on the threads too suppose to be a no no, but can be wrapped on the outside of the thread once all the connections are screwed in?

Thank you for your purchase and inquiry. Here are some tips about how to use CGA320 adapter properly.
1. Please DO NOT use the plastic O-ring in between the adapter and CO2 cylinder.
2. Please tighten the adapter and regulator with a wrench.
Also, please refer to the attached links in the video description, which are the discussions about how to attach the regulator to paintball tank and a Youtube video (thanks to a CGA320 user)
Aquatek of California
The aquatek will come with a rigid plastic o ring, and then you also need a flexible rubber o ring that goes around the lip of the co2 canister itself. The rigid o ring is suppose to go in between the adapter and the regulator. Tighten the connection with a wrench. I had to go buy a 10 pack of new rubber o rings because I had to replace mine that was brand new.. This is what solved my problem which sounds almost exactly like yours. :) Hope this helped.
So the CO2 canister's O-Ring isn't enough I guess to form a complete seal?

I noticed that the end of the CGA 320 adapter to the canister circumference isn't the same size as the other(to the regulator), so will need a small diameter O-Ring.
My adapter looked fine, with the stock o-ring, it held pressure, but only to a certain point. I'm guessing the tolerances aren't tight enough.

In the same plumbing section you'll find o-ring grease.
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