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This is my first fishtank, originally I was going to just a regular fish tank but after seeing some planted tanks i knew i had to try one. Anyway, here are the details.

29 gallon

Laterite first layer, Ada Aquasoil Amazonia 2 middle layer surrounded and topped by Tahitian moon sand

Coral Life 2x65 watt 6700k compact flourecent

Fluval 305 canister filter with 2 layers of Biomax, 1 layer of filter floss and
Aqua Clear 50 with Sponge, active carbon and Biomax (like) packet

Co2 System:
Victor SGT-500 regulator, Cippard solenoid, Ideal needle valve, and a JBJ bubble counter hooked up to a Hagen mini elite filter. GLA drop checker with 4dk solution.

5 fancy guppies
5 neon tetras
3 Cardinal tetras
4 Otto Cats
2 German blue rams
1 Golden nugget pleco
1 Bamboo shrimp
2 Zebra nerite snails

amazon swords
Anubias nana 'cofeefolia'
Anubias (not sure type)
vals (not sure type)
Carolina fanwort
green tiger lotus
Eleocharis sp. "belem"
Micro swords
crypt wendtii "red"
crypt wendtii "green"
crypt wendtii " florida sunset"
Crypt Cordata "rosanervig"
Crypt bangkaensis 'Bangka Giant'
Crypt minima 'Sumatra Besitang' (Bast1094)
Crypt x timahensis

Aquascaping material:
One big piece of mopani wood, some river stones, and a terracotta pot.

I dose with pfertz nitrogen and flourish 3 times a week. I am planing on starting to dose NPK+CSM+B that i have from GLA but havent figured out exactly how i want to do it yet. I also use flourish root tabs.

Temperature: 80°-82°
PH: 6.5
KH: 2° degrees
GH: 4° degrees

I just added the Ada aquasoil and the laterite into the substrate and did a rescape recently and im pretty happy with how it looks. At first i bought the big piece of drift wood and really liked it but recently im not sure, it kinda dominates the tank and takes up too much room. Please tell me what you think and any scaping advice is very welcome. Also name suggestions? Thanks!

Ill post some more pictures soon.

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I like it too! My 29 is going back to being as close to a fishtank as they can be...I've never NOT had plants in my tanks, but if the goldfish test me, they'll be the first. ROFL

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FANCY! Looks good so far. I love the big piece of wood. Looks like you did your homework if this is your first planted tank!

FWIW, You may have much less chance of algae if you only run one of your 65w bulbs for a while. 1 x 65w bulb is still plenty of light for those plants @ over 2 WPG. Double that would definitely encourage some algae, especially here in the beginning.

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Thanks for the complements and the advice. I have been running both 65 watt cf bulbs for 11 hours a day, which i plan to reduce to 8-9 soon but i actually wanted algae to grow the first month or so to feed my ottos and my pleco, but i havenst seen much at all. I had some BBA on my anubias and on all my java moss before i got my co2. Since hooking up the co2 it has died on the anubias. And I removed the java moss because i couldn't get it to attach itself to the piece of wood no matter how many times i tired tieing it on. So algae hasn't been an issue so far at all (knock on wood).

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Looking pretty "solid" so far! (ha ha ha)

It is good that you did your research before diving in. The guppies add a nice splash of colour to the top.
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