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Anyone run two aquariums from one pressurized tank? I have been doing some research and cant seem to find a solenoid that will house two needle valves. Anyone using this method, or have any relative info? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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You can run 2 nv from one solenoid with the right connections. You just need some nipples, tees, and elbows. The only bad thing, if this is for 2 seperate tanks, you can't tweak the times of when you are injecting co2. If it's for the same tank, then it shouldn't be a problem.
Also, like in the picture, you can run multiple solenoids and nv's off of one regulator with the right connections.
Both tanks run on the same lighting time and are side by side, so not being able to time them seperate is not a problem. Which is a good thing considering the price per solenoid. I know this is a shot in the dark, but ya have a diagram or anything of that nature for a visual aid?
Sorry I don't have any diagrams but I will try to explain in the clearest way possible. All you really need is a tee off of the solenoid. One part of the tee goes to the solenoid and the other 2 openings go to the needle valve. The only reason you need elbows is if you want your needle valve to face a certain way, this is the case especially if you are running a bubble counter like the ones shown on the pic. The nipples are just threaded on both ends for you to connect the tees to the elbows and wherever else.
That paints a much needed mental image. I am going to order a bubble counter online and get tees, nipples, and elbows from home depot. Much appreciated, thank you!
You should contact the guys at They have pretty much everything you would need as far as needle valves, fittings, and bubble counters.

You can convert your single output to two using this manifold. This doesn't include the bubble counter but there are some on ebay that are sold including the counter.

Hope that helps.
Yeah the guys at sumo make take a day or 2 but they do get back to you. It's nice to be able to get everything you need at one place.
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