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I am temporarily tearing down a tank and have some plants that I need to sell from that tank as well as my other tank. Anyways, this package will include *at least* the following:

Echinodorus tenellus (8 Plants)
Bacopa caroliniana (8 Stems)
"Cutleaf" Watersprite (1 Plant)
Giant Hygro (2 Stems)
Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green" (2 Plants)
Cryptocoryne retrospiralis (1 Plant)
Sunset Hygro (8 Stems)
Lysimachia nummularia (20 Stems)
Limnophilia 'Indica' ? It is a fine-leaved variety of Ambulia (3 Stems)
Pellia -may have some java moss in it that I can pick out- (3 inches x 3 inches)

I may throw in anything else that I trim, this is just what I know I will trim for sure. I will be shipping this NEXT Monday or Tuesday (1/29/07 or 1/30/07) because thats when I will be tearing down the tank.

The package is $25 which includes shipping via priority mail and a heat pack (if you think you will need it).

Sorry, this has been sold.
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