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Sup everybody!

The time has come for me to step away from the hobby for a while. This is my 2nd to last tank and I have no time to maintain it along with my first tank ever, the 2.5G. The 2.5G is staying, this one, that jake made so popular is going.

New price for this tank is +$30 (I paid $45 when it first came out.. go me), mine is $15.
Lights are $30 - originally purchased for $60.

Now the sad part. I found a breeder who sold me his remaining batch of the Elassoma Gilberti. I have I think 10 - they're shy right now.

I want to sell all for $80 (at least 8) or $45 for 4. I will try my best to give at least 50% male 50% female ratio. My price is firm. I've seen the price range from $40-$100 and considering I haven't seen them on aquabid for some time, I think it's a great deal. One tip tho - these guys are shy and feel really comfortable in densely planted tanks. I just couldn't maintain the planted tanks so I'm not giving them the optimal living conditions. In the right conditions, wow the males display such crazy beautiful colors and behavior it's amazing.

Also I have the brine shrimp hatchery from bring shrimp direct. Super easy instead of all that mess you have to deal with using soda bottles, air pumps, etc. This is the easiest method, hands down. New at Brine Shrimp direct is $25.95. I used it less than 6 months and want $20 for it.

I also have Grade A, at least 7OZ from originally 8OZ container brine shrimp eggs. Really good hatchery rate. New at Brine shrimp direct is $23.95. Honestly, I didn't use much of this so I would like $18 for it.

8MM J thermometer - this is the clean looking clear over rim (for rimless tanks only) thermometer. I bought it for $15, yours for $10.

So to sum it all up:
1) 3gallon, 5 way betta tank (search for Jake's threads) for $15
2) Elassoma Gilberti (at least 8) for $80 or 4 for $45
3) Light for $30
4) Brine shrimp hatchery for $20
5) Grade A, at least 7oz of brine shrimp for $18
6) 8mm J thermometer - $10

All are pickup in Little Neck. I can meet distances reasonably far. Prices are firm unless you can convince me otherwise, via PM only.

Sad to be down to only 1 tank but this isn't the end! hopefully..


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