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oK here is what I did a while back... was changing water and suddenly....changed my mind pulled out some plants....I Pull out some plants from my main tank!!!

I can make 2 package/But I prefer to make 1 package easy for you easy for me.....

5-6 stems Ludwigia brevipes
5-6 stems Ludwigia repens x arcuata
1-2 stem/s of Sunset hygro with Root
1-2 starter Wisteria with Root
1-2 stems Myriophyllum tuberculatum
1 stem of Pogostemon erectum but has 5-6, 4-5 iinches side shoot.
2-3 stems of L.Aromatica
Some Portion of Baby Tears (NOT DWARF)

Package might have, B. Japonica, UG and and other(but I can't Guarantee in these, there might be or not)

and what ever come on the way...I can't recall what else I pulled out......

If you manage to plant properly this is good for 20-30 gal easily.....

Take All for 23.33, Will ship tomorrow morning with D.C!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
Not open for further replies.