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Hi Guys

I got a extra 36" Finnex Ray II Ultra Slim LED DS - Dual 7000k. Why?

I got it thinking that I might get another 12g Long, but didn't end up with one.

I am all happy and have it all setup but then does not feel like getting one anymore. I throw away the box and I can't do anything with it so I need to sell it.

Price will be $120

I also got the same thing but in 24" Also thinking that i will get 2 Mr Aqua 17.4 but then decided I should just get a 11.4 instead. My apartment can't hold anymore water. :(

This is brand new, not out of the box so I will sell it at $90. ----sold

These are great lights and it is best for plants. I got them on all my tank.

I can deliver them during weekend at any N train station from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

or you may come pick it up at Brooklyn China Town
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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