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Sold most of the plants below, so the package is no longer available! Please check again with me in a few weeks for more plants!


I have a really large plant pack at a really good price! This package is great to fill up a 40gal tank or larger:

- Blyxa japonica x3 pots (~6 plants per pot)
- Alternanthera reineckii x3 pots (~5 plants per pot)
- Hygrophila augistifolia x3 pots (~5 plants per pot)
- Rotala macranda green x3 pots (~5 plants per pot)
- Staurogyne repens x3 pots (~8 plants per pot)
- Rotala butterfly x1 pot (~9 plants per pot)

The pictures below are of the actual plants. The lower leaves of the S repens are damaged, but the plants themselves should be viable, just trim off the stems and replant them.

Total package is $70 shipped. I'll be shipping via USPS medium flat rate, and typically ship out Mon, Tue, Wed, and Sat.

All my plants are grown submersed in my tanks w/ injected CO2 and semi-weekly ferts.

PM me if you're interested in the package!



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