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Latest Update!! : Plants are out and separated, ready to be bagged and shipped! Paypal is [email protected] Large & medium packages will include almost entirely mother plants with young ones added for free, small package will be only plantlets as mother plants will NOT fit. DM to confirm payment or with any questions, thanks for your patience everyone. Take care!

UPDATE: Some serious family health issues have come up and taken up ALL my time. I am hoping to get to these plants in a few days, thanks for understanding

Crypt Usteriana grown in low and medium light tanks with little to no maintenance, little to no fish even, no ferts and basic clay based substrate. Mother plants at 30+in and plantlets that send out spathes on a regular basis, almost always at least one in there at all times. When under good light with ferts the underside gets quite reddish. These are in overcrowded conditions so there will be some yellow or damaged leaves but the roots are crazy and these don't even experience much crypt melt if any.

These do great in hard water, nearly unkillable (I kill java fern and moss...). May have algae or snails but minimal. May include random other crypts including balansae, hudoroi, affinis 'metallic red' and nurii. My plecos LOVE hanging out on these leaves btw.

I will not remove the cyrpts from the tank until I have a few packages sold and then I will send out the following Monday. Mind your weather please.

Medium Flat Rate - $32 Shipped
Large FR - $45 Shipped
Small FR - $19 Shipped (will be mostly plantlets due to size restrictions)

I will put in as many plants that will fit without damaging them. If you want local pickup (07727) or a custom size order just let me know. Pics are from last batch sold, the tank then and the tank now.
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