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softwater system what to do

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Ok we have a 10 stage water system. Water softing system part is the salt type. I am planning on filling a 70g tank this weekend with lots of plants I am getting. Our ro system is ran under the sink, then to one of those drink dispenser types. So I was planning to use the outside faucets since they are not on the system but will the water be to cold since I do not have way to heat it till it is in the tank. Or will the plants be okay with the level of salt that is still in the water through the house which I can heat up. Is there a bad short term exposure to them and is there a long term problem
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I have a softwater system at home too, but not as expansive as yours.

The salt you use is probably sodium-based, since it's the most easily accessible and cheapest salt available. It swaps the "hard" particles like calcium and magnesium for sodium particles, so that you will have softer water. I haven't had any problems with my plants so far using sodium-based salts. If you are worried about the plants then you can use potassium-based salts, which are more expensive, but more beneficial for the plants.

As for the RO system, you will have to add minerals and stuff artificially back into the water if you use it alone. I know some people use 50% RO/DI and 50% tap water, so they get minerals in the water that way.

I'm not sure what you mean by short/long term exposure.

If you're worried abou the external tap water being too cold, just pump it into a large holding tank indoors, leave it overnight so that the water temperature will level with the indoor temparature, and use it then.
any one know who carries potassium based salts

home depot
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