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Soft water.

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Testing the water coming out of my tap, aswell as the water in both tanks I find that KH/PH are both quite low. Very low infact.

Instead of using up loads and loads of product, baking soda (which can do harm aswell as good), or changing my whole water change scedual is it possible to get consistant results by putting crushed coral in the filter?

I've heard many pros and cons to doing that, is it any better than additives?
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I can only vouch for what works for me. I have a low-tech 55 gallon tank with very soft tap water. After experimenting for a while I found that adding 1.5 teaspoons of baking soda at my every two weeks water change works great with no problems. I have been doing this now for over two years so I don't really see down side to this.
As I said it works for me.
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