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My tank is in need of a trim, everything comes from a high light high co2 high fert tank, 2kh, 4gh, 200 tds.

1 sandwich bag of Limnophila sp. 'Guinea Broad-Leaf'
7x rotala indica 'true'
3x syngonanthus 'lago grande'
3x tonina fluviatilis
1x syngonanthus 'twisted' variegated (looks similar to belem, grows slower and twisted growth with yellow specks)
1x syngonanthus 'dwarf canuck' (looks just like 'belem' in my tank)
10x rotala colorata trimmings (2"-4")
1x syngonanthus 'unknown' (got this from strung out, maybe 'manaus'?, likes to grow very horizontal when it gets to the surface and send out a ton of side shoots)
2x2" monte carlo foreground patch
5x bacopa sp 'salzmannii'
1x blood vomit (Trithuria Sp.)

Package is $56 Shipped, want to ship out tomorrow or tuesday.

everything comes from the tank below.

Also have 4x blood vomit (Trithuria Sp) for $80 shipped, they are big and ready to be split.
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