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soft inside of cholla wood?

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so i got some new cholla and soaked/boiled it and was wondering if it was safe to stick it right in. the inside is like soft and squishy and can be scraped away but i was wondering if i should remove it or not before placing it in my tank
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After boiling, and soaking for a week in dechlor water, I put mine in. Just be careful...if the piece has an open end to it, make sure your fish can't swim into it. I had a platy go in and try to turn around, and ended up with her head out a hole on one side and her tail out a hole on the other. I got her out, but she didn't make it.
I literally, find cholla on hikes, give it a rinse, and toss it in my tank let it float until it's water logged then place it where I want or take it out to apply plants then put it in place. Not that this is the preffered method. But I have never had an issue. So being that you have boiled it I'm sure your good. Also the soft part remove or leave it's up to you.

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My shrimp seem to love hiding in the wood, I buy them on here or other forums and just threw them in with no issues so far. Been doing it for a few years.

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