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sodium carbonate and scaleless fish

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Im new to this great site so I hope Im not posting my query in the wrong section....

Anyways I recently found out that my city adds sodium carbonate to its tapwater. I have a 45 gallon aquarium thats still cycling (so fishless) and I was wondering if sodium carbonate will cause sensitive amazonian fish taxa to die/ become ill. I currently have anubias, sword plants and java fern planted in the tank. The sword plant and anubias are yellowing a bit on their older leaves... but since I’m using fluval stratum and it kicks up dust everywhere I blame the yellowing on the fact that the leaf is suffocating from debris (not the emersed leaf problem because I bought the sword plants from petsmart and they were already there for over two weeks and had fully aquatic leaves, also they were half dead when i got them). (I added a few planorbis to try to clean up the leaves, I could do it myself but I gave up since I had to basically do it every day because fluval stratum is so messy). The swordplant is growing vibrant green new leaves every three days and they are larger than the previous ones. What are the symptoms of sodium poisoning in plants? If its really bad i may have to abandon my ‘amazon’ stocking idea and go for a brackish set up with gobies and dwarf saggitarius.

So basically what should I look out for if the sodium is harming my livestock? Currently the tank is home to a colony of gammarus and a few planorbis that I added in recently. I did notice some diatoms and green algae growing... is that a sign the salt content might not be too bad?

Tank is three weeks old. Cycled via feeding raw tilapia to gammarus.