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Recently set up a soda stream bottle system, bought the regulator adapter, but when I try to attach it, it blows out co2 and i lose it, how am I supposed to do this?


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So I haven't had the soda stream system but I know when I started my paintball system I blew out two bottles of co2 before I realized my oring was missing. I can't tell from your pictures, but does it have an oring? Or does the soda stream just not have one at all?
Yes that was exactly the problem! Thanks, although the canister is cold, does that mean its leaking?
No it shouldn't be leaking just because it's cold. The co2 inside is a liquid which is cold naturally. Make sure when you connect/disconnect the bottle you're regulator is off so the cold co2 doesn't break your oring.
Turns out it was leaking, 60litre bottle emptied in two days, also my drop checker stayed dark blue, so the diffuser didn't even do anything, I'll add it too the extremely long list of tank fails, stressful hobby this is!
This is the first time I have heard if someone trying to use the soda stream bottles for this aquarium. If you try it again it is best to either go with a paintball setup, it a full sized regulator. I would suggest going with a full size setup, it will cost more in the beginning but you will save money in the long run. Where I live a 20oz paintball tank costs about $4.50 to fill up as to where a 20 pound tank exchanged is only $20, so to get the same amount of co2 in paintball canisters you will have to spend $72. Dry fertilizers and co2 injections are the best things you can add to your aquarium set up. If you want to try again there a ton of details on here about the different regulators.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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