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Soda Water

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Right now I've set up a 2 gallon hex DSM. Everything I've read says that having enough CO2 readily available to the plants once I flood the tank is very important. Has anyone used Soda Water to fill their Pico Tanks? I would think the carbonation would give it the extra boost the plants need. This would be in addition to running DIY CO2 into the tank as well. I have one of those Soda Stream drink makers, so making the carbonated water isn't a big deal.
Just thought I'd bounce the idea off you guys. I know this isn't plausable for a large tank, but for a pico i think it could work.
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That's how Amano started, actually.

But it's not as effective as DIY CO2 by any means.

Edit -- if you're talking about using soda water to fill the entire tank, that's now what Amano did; he just poured bottles into a much larger tank.
Why don't you get a regulator and adapter for your soda stream bottle and run a pressurized c02 system, that's exactly what I've done.

It's very simple.
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I have seen the soda stream regulators, but only over seas, not in the U.S. Anyone know where to get one?
I plan to use DIY Co2, but thought the carbonated water would be a good kick start. I've heard of people keeping Marimo Balls in carbonated water so I just assumed it might work for a pico tank.
I'm sure it would be great for the plants, but what about the livestock? Unless you know exactly how much co2 you are adding from the carbonated water, it would seem a bit dangerous.
My intention is to only use this method when flooding the tank and then weaning it off of the heavy CO2 as the tank cycles. This is to be a supplement to make sure there is plenty of C02 for the plants as they transtion from DSM to Submersed.
If you already have the co2 setup you'll be using normally I would stick with that. I also wouldn't go super high on the co2 only to decrease it later. I would start with high co2, but at a level where you can leave it without having to decrease it later.
I don't think it would be very effective...I'm no expert on CO2, but I'd think that the soda water would go flat too fast to do any good, even with DIY CO2. Plus, it would be hard to keep the CO2 levels consistently that high, even if you keep adding more soda water. If you do try it out, I'd be interested in seeing how it works out. :)
I thought you were kidding about soda water actually working, but from the responses I guess not ... people can actually use soda water as a reliable source of co2?
Not as the sole source of co2. I was thinking of a boosting agent, especially at the start of a DIY cycle when the co2 output of the system is low. I understand it will go flat but I may still give it a shot.
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