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soaking wood in pool?

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now follow my logic here,

you gotta kill little bugs and what not on pieces of driftwood that you collect, so why cant you just soak it in the pool for a bit, lets say an hour and then treat it with chloramine products and soak it in regular water for a day or so?

is the risk of the chlorine getting too deep into the cracks of the wood the reason why people do not do this?
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Sounds okay to me, but, there may be other chemicals in the pool, but if you treated it the way you said with chlorine removing products, then it might be ok. I would also let it dry out in the sun for a few days, the stronger the sun is shining, the better IMO.
Most people just soak the DW so it sinks...

Pools add another group of variables, personally I would just boil it or bake it to kill whatever is in it.

All you want s to poison your fish by accident.

id love to boil or bake it, but its too large for the oven, dishwasher or a pot, so for now im just soaking it in the bathtub

edit: after poking around a bit online, it seems as though this may not be chemically feasible, to treat pool water with just a chloramine bond breaker, due to the fact that the chlorine in the pool not only makes chloramines but other compounds such as hypochlorous acid, and i really dont feel like experimenting with that on my fish
Soaking it in the pool imo is a bad idea because it will stain your plaster. Unless you have a fiberglass or vinyl pool, in which case vinyl tears very easily. Im not sure about breaking the chemicals in the water down after youre done, but I work on pools for a living, and plasters are easily stained. Leaves, acorns, twigs, etc. all stain it fairly rapidly.
will it fit a big plastic container? you could pour boiling water over it.
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