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so what presents ull be getting for ur fishies?

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hmm , i dunno yet , I basically have everything..maybe some live worms:icon_smil
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I might get my swimming friends some more driftwood with java fern and moss.
Ill get my few "RCS that sudden stop breeding" 16 new fishes friends
I'm getting my Dwarf cories a much bigger house. :D Might get some plants for my other fish, but most of my money will go towards the new tank(s).
More swimming friends.
Hopefully: 10 more rummynose tetras, 10 more panda cories, 10 more pygmy cories. And also carbon + purigen, some new plants, more flourite or other substrate if on sale.
I already got Tetramin flake hidden as the first gift. So maybe no more Nutrafin livebearer flakes from now on.
man, i hope none, I've spent enough in the past few weeks lol.
a hydor eth in line heater for my discus.

some moss for my rcs.

and some shrimp pellets for my cories! :)
This Holiday season I think I'm going to spring for a RO unit to upgrade my hobby.

Most of my tanks are growing plants just fine. However I'm really lusting after some of the SA Dwarf Cichlids to enjoy my lovely aquascapes. I'm thinking they'll be healthier and happier if I'm able to soften the water in two or three of my tanks to house them.
Some orange slices as soon as they ripen.
I just got a two new gold dust mollies for my molly tank so they'll have to accept that as an early present. :)
Got them a new filter :D

Also gonna get some more friends, and gourmet food~
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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