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My tank is absolutely overgrown with dwarf water lettuce!

$5.50 for 10+ plants, $6 for 15+, $6.50 for 20+(small to medium-sized included in count, I don't count the tiniest ones).

USA only, USPS priority shipping $7. Only one order per box (I might be able to do two or even 3, in which case I could compromise on pricing for larger portions, but I'm not positive).

Please mind your weather, at the time I don't have hot or cold packs and will not guarantee live arrival if your low is below 45 or high above 80 degrees F.

If your local temperatures are within those parameters, I will refund the cost of the plants (not shipping) if plants arrive DOA within 3 days of shipping, accepted on first delivery attempt, and you send me a clear picture of the dead plants in the original packaging within two hours of arrival as noted on USPS tracking.

Plants are grown in low tech, low light, and may come with a small amount of algae in the roots (likely just diatoms if anything, though I can't promise there's nothing else). I will do my best to pick all snails off, but there's still a decent chance of ramshorn eggs/babies and a slight chance of MTS babies. I may trim roots for easier packaging.

Payments via PayPal goods and services only, I must get the payment before I ship. I will send you my PayPal information when you order.


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