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So I have a new light, need to mod it!

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Went out and got an Orbit fixture, 2x40 watt, for the new 33g cube.

Overall, nice fixture for the money. independant switches, and plugs, for both bulbs, as well as 2 moonlights. Decently wide reflector, though it is a single reflector.

Turned it on, and holy cow! The fan has to go. They couldn't use a cheaper one if they tried! Hear it from 50 feet away, literally, and the bearing rattle now and then.

Anyone done a computer fan replacement that can walk through how to wire it in? Computer fans have 3-4 wires, this thing has two in the Orbit fixture...I know there'll be two lines for the power of the case fan, just not sure which'll be which. Planning to use a SilenX fan as a replacement.
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you should only need a power a ground hooked up to the computer fan. The power rating on the 2 fans also needs to be similar
I'm hooking up a replacement fan today to my Current T5 Nova fixture because of the ridiculous fan noise. I cant believe they actually think that kind of noise is ok!
You should make sure that the replacement fan is the same type (AC versus DC) as the original. My former 75 gallon MH hood had AC fans, but I've seen other hoods with 12V DC fans.
That's one good thing anyway, they do use 12v fans, so replacing it seems to be an easy shot. They will only say 3" fans, when the world uses mm dimensions... but it seems to be an 80mm fan.
Thats because 80/25.4=3.1496 so thats why its close enough. Not being a d*ck just trying to be informative.
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