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Hehehe Merry late Xmas to me, I got a cheap Macro filter and now I can finally take some half decent shots of my shrimp!

Hehe I love this dude

I just thought this was cool, blue vs red (pinto)

The perspective! CBS hybrid is on top of the world

The Crown SSS+ I got from Liam via Ebiken Studios don't seem to mind my gross tank walls algae :)

Even with a macro filter the WR pinto elludes me -____-

Blue pandas are shiiiiiiny.

Closeup of the same shrimp from before, they're so beautiful!

Thank you H4N for the beautiful feeding dish! My shrimp really love it! And it makes feeding the Barley I also got really easy :)

This shrimp posed really well actually

So here's what I've been keeping up my sleeve for a while! If you notice there aren't a bunch of babies in there, I've since corrected that problem and my Pinto is berried!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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