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So i am a little late

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As the title might suggest, i am a little late in introducing myself here.

I trolled this form for quite some time, then i started inserting posts here and there however i haven't as of yet committed to it, well now is that time.

Current setup is a Planted Low-Tech 35 Gallon (ish) Fluval Studio 600 with a 10 gallon sump.

Plants - Heavens knows i don't know their names
Livestock - 6 harlequin raspbora
- 6 Wagtail/Sunburst Platy (as well as a constant stream of fry i donate to ANYONE that wants)
- 20 Rili Shrimp (or there about)
- Various pond snails and MTS (thank you LFS and me not washing them)

Params: PH 7.0
GH 6.0
KH 6.0
Nitrate:20-30 ppm
Temp 76-78F
Currently Dousing Flourish for nutrients too lazy to start EI and things are going well for now
Had my pressurized 5lb Co2 tank running but i need to build a reactor, cant handle the bubbles

Sump: 600 Gph Return Pump
Filter Media - POT SCRUBBIES!! (sorry, i just love those things)
Heater - 250W Old Hagen glass tube
Mechanical - White coarse filter pad
Chemical - 150 ml of Purigen, mostly to remove the tannin from my driftwood

Tank has been up and running for about 3 months now, past diatoms of doom, had hair algae invade for about 3 weeks in month one before the plant load got established. Now there is nothing in there but the smallest amount of the sexy green algae that i love. Shrimp and platy and the snails keep eating most of it however.

Plant Plant community Picture frame Rectangle Terrestrial plant

That is my glorious jungle. At least i think it is glorious, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Plant Vertebrate Organism Terrestrial plant Pet supply

That is a picture of what my tank looked like when i got it setup. My how things have changed.

So that is about it for me for now, nice to finally come into the light around here, it is a very comprehensive form that i must say i enjoy and have used for a lot of information from time to time. Just looking to be able to give back what i know and keep on growing in a community of people that know more than me :)
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Fantastic growth on your driftwood! I can't seem to get mine to grow for some reason...
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Fantastic growth on your driftwood! I can't seem to get mine to grow for some reason...
If you mean what i think you mean, than i think you are funny :D
The big piece dwarfs the little one, but it is still buried in there some place.
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