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Snake Vine River Paludarium

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Hi guys, thought I would start a thread about the new build I am doing, its not a planted tank in the usual sense of those on this forum, but thought people may be interested as I find myself on this forum a lot taking inspiration from the aquascapes and techniques used, plus it will feature some fish and aquatic plants so hey, what more dyu want! :tongue: Haha

I have a Green Tree Python who has been stuck in a RUB for the last year or so and the time has come to give him a new home worthy of how pretty he is :D

For anyone who has read any of my past threads or saw my last build, I am into my paludariums and water features, so I intend to set up a no-expense spared, in-wall paludarium as a display in my spare room. It will feature LED lighting, misting systems, artificial rocks, trees and vines etc, as well as a few aquatic critters.

I learned a massive amount from doing my last build:
and so will hopefully be not making the same mistakes this time around in terms of equipment selection and ease of maintenance when its all up and running.

I love the look of the aquascapes featured in the various Aquascaping Contests held every year and so these will be something I will be hoping to replicate but with a bit less water involved! I have a rough idea in mind of the layout, so we'll see how well it goes!

Would love to hear any input as this progresses :)


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Subscribed. Looking forward to seeing how this build turns out! That snake is gorgeous. A pet store near me has a full grown one on display that lives in the store and is not for sale. Does he ever hunt for anything in the water, or just feeder mice that you give him?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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