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Snake Identification

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Found this hanging out by my front porch Saturday. I'm a little nervous about this guy being near the house with a 2 year old playing outside all the time.
Anyone know what I've got here? I live in Southern IL.


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Yep, Rat snake, harmless, beneficial (eats rodents), grows pretty large, and is a relative of Corn snakes (often used as pets).
That's a pretty cool snake, but it looks kinda dead. I love how the markings are pretty subtle. I like to catch and release the Gardner Snakes in the garden back at home. Got a nest of them, the babies are sooooo freaking cute. I caught one and it was the cutest little thing ever. I really wanted to keep it, but I probably can't care for it properly and mom doesn't want snakes in the house :(

Well, we still consider them as pets, their "cage" is our garden and they are free to do whatever they want.

Here is a couple pictures of the Gardners in our backyard. They either have a yellow or orange stripe. One of them is named Yeti... we first rescued it when it fell into the pit that leads to a basement window.

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